SnuffLord's Stories of Sadism

Welcome to Snufflord's brutal and sadistic stories. These are the juicy little whores that I love to sacrifice on the alter of death when my evil side takes over. Their abuse and torture are purely for your sexual gratification (and mine) and not because I have a deep rooted hatred for women or anything like that. I get aroused like many others at the thought of kidnapping and raping cute women and the sluts below are every man's fantasy fuck dolls. The amount of web exposure and the erotic pictures of these women make them even more desirable as hot and helpless snuff victims. Now just because I have an intense love for raping, torturing and murdering these sluts in an a heated snuff chat, doesn't mean I would kill them in real life. Anyone reading this and having a panic attack that I will run out and one day slit Gwen Stefani's throat while raping her has nothing to fear. Gwen, like the other sluts on my list are very much loved and although I'd love nothing more than to jump her luscious body and fuck her brains out, I understand that is pure fantasy and it stops there. Because this is fantasy, I have no problems kidnapping them and brutally raping and murdering them with you in a heated chat as we jerk-off to their brutal murder. If you feel the same way, look me up and we can snuff some of these cunt's in the most bloody kills imaginable. My Snuff_Lord Yahoo ID should reach me every time and I'd love to hear from fellow perverts who are tired of hiding their dark desires. Welcome to my snuff playground! Below are the cunts I fantasize about killing and have started writing kinky erotic snuff stories under some of their pictures. These stories are so brutal and sadistic I had to add the disclaimer at the bottom of this page. I have warned you so now if you read these stories and are horrified by what I love doing to these sexy pieces of meat, it's your fault for reading them after being warned. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a picnic compared to some of the things I do to these bitches in their snuff stories. If you find these stories are making you horny, look me up some time and let's chat. You'll find that there's nothing that will make you hornier than sharing your sadistic fantasies.

Slut #01 - Gwen Stefani

Gwen acts like a skank in some of her videos and with the slutty Gwen pictures below, she would make a great victim to fuck in a nasty rape/snuff story or chat. The only problem with murdering Gwen... she'd probably love every second of her brutal rape and torture! Gwen's cunt humping groans of pleasure would turn to gurgled screams as I decapitate her slowly while shooting my load in her slimy wet cunt! Another kinky Gwen murder would involve cutting out her puckered asshole and pulling her intestines out through her ass so they can be wound around a pole anchored a few feet from her ass. As her intestines are pulled out her ass, another sadist gets off on punching her in the face. Mercilessly beating Gwen until her face is a shattered, bloody mess and her broken jaw can't harm her attacker as he rams his cock in her mouth and rapes Gwen's throat. With her mouth full of cock, she is slowly gutted by the second attacker who continues to wind the organs out of her ass until she dies a gutless slab of meat. A Gwen snuff movie would be a very expensive jerk treat!

Snufflord Snuff Slut #1 Snufflord Snuff Slut #2 Snufflord Snuff Slut #3 Snufflord Snuff Slut #4
Snuffing Gwen in Concert Gwen's Dark Stalker    

Slut #02 - Lisa Boyle

With her perfect, fuck pig body, Lisa Boyle is a prime choice to star in any rape/snuff scenario. Who wouldn't want to fuck her up the ass with a spiked dildo as she screams for mercy or slice off the tits that she is constantly bragging about being real! A couple other fun ways to snuff Lisa would be to slice open her belly and let her guts spill out while raping her hard up the ass, or raping Lisa's slimy cunt with a baseball bat, then pulling it out and beating her to death with her cunt juice and brains smeared all over it! DIE LISA DIE!!! Lisa... we don't want to see you stripping and stroking your cunt... we want to see a butchered Lisa snuff video and pictorial!!!

Snufflord Snuff Slut #2 Snufflord Snuff Slut #2 Snufflord Snuff Slut #2 Snufflord Snuff Slut #2

Slut #03 - Victoria Beckham

"Posh" Spice is one motherfucking hot cunt! With her fat hard nipples and her loving to tease men with her nipple exposing tops, this whore is BEGGING to be kidnapped, raped, tortured and ultimately snuffed and eaten. Ahh, think of the lovely spread she would make stuffed and lying on your table at Christmas with an apple shoved in her mouth and a corn cob shoved up her ass. Granted you will need to carve the silicone out of her titties before cooking her, but a couple slices here and there and a good tit fucking will pop those right out. As you can see below, this cunt doesn't have a lot of meat on her bones and has the skinniest drumsticks you will probably find. But hey, it's not about the meat, it's about all the screaming she will do as you torture and beat her to death while ramming your cock into her ass. There are probably hundreds of men who would jump at the chance to murder Posh in a brutal snuff chat or beat Victoria to death while jerking off. When you look a the worthless slut below, raping Posh before snuffing her ass would be a fun, hardcore stroke session.

Snufflord Snuff Slut #1 Snufflord Snuff Slut #1 Snufflord Snuff Slut #1 Snufflord Snuff Slut #1
Paying to Murder Posh      

Slut #04 - Jenna Haze

Hot little porn slut Jenna is the perfect snuff doll. Easy to hire for a porn fucking, she could easily be turned into a snuff movie queen with a bullet to the back of her head or a knife ripping into her belly to open her up so her guts spill all over the floor. She would even get off on her gang-bang rape all the way up to the point where her throat is slashed and her head pulled away from her twitching body. She would also be a treat to eat! With a trim little figure, Jenna's tasty flesh would be easy to pull from the bone. It would be so easy to fuck and kill Jenna for a mere $1,500 movie contract (which she would never see anyway). Another bonus is her natural tits and skank personality make her fun to watch as we gang rape Jenna then brutally kill the whore. When I do a twisted cyber chat with you and we murder Jenna in the most brutal way imaginable, trust me... you will shoot sperm over Jenna's sadistic death. We could put her in our movie... Snuff Jenna. Just look at the pictures below... doesn't murdering Jenna in a cyber snuff sound appealing?

Snufflord Snuff Slut #4 Snufflord Snuff Slut #4 Snufflord Snuff Slut #4 Snufflord Snuff Slut #4
Jenna Haze: Snuff Star      

Slut #05 - Shania Twain

With her massive fucking tits, tiny figure and sweet personality, raping and murdering Shania makes for an ultimate cyber rape/snuff chat. The first thing I'd do is hook this little cow bitch up to a milking machine and pump Shania's fat titties dry! While the machine drains her tits I'd be filling her ass with cum! I've lost count of the number of times I've decapitated Shania while stabbing her with my cock, or shoved my cock into her eye socket to skull fuck Shania's thrashing body or simply get off on mashing her skull with a pipe while raping her doggie style. Her body is just too much fun to torture and snuff. Imagine the fun you'd have crawling on top of her and brutally raping Shania's wet snatch as I savagely beat this pretty fucking skank piece of meat to death for you! I've had some really hot chats where we jerk to cyber raping Shania which always seem to end up in a Shania snuff orgasm. Even though she's an older cunt, Shania still has lots of skanky pictures floating around to stroke to and murdering Shania in a brutal sex slaying always heats up any cyber jerk session. If you're into some cock hardening Shania snuff, check out her stories of rape, torture and death.

Shania gets raped, then spermed! Shania snuff makes me horny! Shania spreads her cunt lips for a sperm deposit! Shania is bound and gagged.
Shania and the Snuff Cult Tit Suckling Shania Snuffing Shania Twain Warehouse Rape Shania's Journey into Hell

Slut #06 - Lisa Marie Scott

Lisa Marie is a ballerina and Playboy cunt. Her ability to do the splits will come in handy when we kidnap her cute little ass, tie her spread-eagled to a bed, then let 20 horny men gang rape her. She will then be ripped apart by the men like a pack of wild dogs, their lust for her blood ripping her apart and disemboweling her in a heated bitch feast! Or we could just shove a pole up her ass, through her body and throw her corpse over a fire pit. We'll have a luau with this little Lisa's "fuck pig" meat! Anyone into cyber raping Lisa where we kidnap and torture the cunt before fucking her to death and carving her bitch ass up for sandwiches! How do you butcher Lisa for meat? Shove a shotgun up her ass and pull the trigger to gut the whore, that's how.

Snufflord Snuff Slut #6 Snufflord Snuff Slut #6 Snufflord Snuff Slut #6 Snufflord Snuff Slut #6

Slut #07 - Avril Lavigne

The little blonde punk slut Avril is begging to be kidnapped and brutally murdered! With her filthy mouth and fuck pig attitude she would be fun to chew on while fucking her and making her scream in pain. Being a young slut, her meat would be tender, yet not fat except for her titties which are just the right size for a sadistic appetizer. Avril's pretty eyes are perfect for skull fucking and would be your ultimate cock hardening experience. Imagine you and me shoving our cocks into Avril's eye sockets and slow fucking her as she dies kicking and screaming on the end of our hard cocks. Mmmm, heavenly! When we're done pumping cum into her eye sockets, we can fill her skull with our warm piss! Another hot fantasy would be dragging Avril off like a pack of wild dogs and gang beating her to death as we take turns raping her and breaking her arms and legs bone by bone. By the time we're done raping and beating Avril, she'll be a limp destroyed sack of cunt meat. Look me up and let's jerk to a brutal Avril rape chat or an even more arousing... an Avril SNUFF chat!

Snufflord Snuff Slut #7 Snufflord Snuff Slut #7 Snufflord Snuff Slut #7 Snufflord Snuff Slut #7
Avril Lavigne: Crucified Cunt      

Slut #08 - Sammie Rhodes

Another porn slut ripe for fucking and torturing. Cutting off Sammie's 32D tits and slurping on her tit meat as you punch her repeatedly in the face makes her a perfect Sammie snuff doll. Now who couldn't resist smashing that lovely face into hamburger with a baseball bat? I'd love to beat this whore so hard and so often that her brains would begin to ooze out her eye sockets after her eyeballs pop out. This worthless cunt is better off dead and sliced up. Let's murder Sammie in a sadistic and extremely brutal death chat. Her only value in life is to die as we jerk off so we can cum to her death. Imagine stabbing a knife into her tits one at a time and slowly carving them from her body as you ram your cock into her ass and fill her skank body with sperm. Once we've devoured Sammie's tits, we can take turns fucking her as she bleeds to death. Hmmm, wonder how long we could rape Sammie before she bleeds to death through her severed titties. Then we could eat her! LET'S TURN THIS WHORE INTO A SAMMIE SMORG!!!

Snufflord Snuff Slut #8 Snufflord Snuff Slut #8 Snufflord Snuff Slut #8 Snufflord Snuff Slut #8
Sammie Rhode's Rape Party      

Slut #09 - Janine Lindemulder

I've been horny to rape and murder Janine and her massive tits since I first laid eyes on the skanky blonde dairy cow! Not only would it be fun fucking her up the ass doggie style, I would also get very turned on punching the fucking slut in the face until she is a smashed up beyond recognition! As you can see below, the filthy whore loves shoving things in her cunt and ass. She'll be screaming as I shred her pubes with a spiked dildo! You will also notice she loves to play with her titties and have them suckled. After I'm done milking her cow sized tits, I'll slice those fuckbags off her chest for lunch and make chewy tit meat sandwiches! Janine is a worthless cunt who is only good for one thing... a violent, bloody DEATH!!! I'd love to kidnap Janine with you and take her to a remote location where we rape and beat her to death. Once she's dead we could rape Janine's corpse as she rots and becomes a maggot infested sack of shit.

Snufflord Snuff Slut #5 Snufflord Snuff Slut #5 Snufflord Snuff Slut #5 Snufflord Snuff Slut #5
Janine: Snuffing a Lez Whore
(Story In Progress)

Slut #10 - Jessica Simpson

Sweet little Jessica... OK, she's a filthy little cunt lip spreading whore! Built like Shania (short and busty), her religious background makes her a perfect victim for a heated, nasty, perverted rape. Imagine ripping off her clothes so I can suckle Jessica's fat, juicy titties while you slowly slit her throat and cut off her fucking head! Would you like the job? You'll get nice and bloody as you slice through her throat, sever her spine, then pull her head away from her body to a flood of warm blood. We can drink the blood from her neck like a skank fountain! Jessica's titties are also real so slicing them off and using the fatty meat to jerk off with as she cries like a fucking baby would be a huge turn-on. Look at the second picture where the slut's dress is falling down and showing off her fat mammaries. Wouldn't you like to stab Jessica in the chest between her big tits and shove your cock into her chest to fuck her still beating heart? Look at the cunt crying in the fourth picture because all the men are staring at her titties. What do you expect whore, you're wearing a sheer top and they all want some Jessica tit fucking action. I'm surprised we didn't read about Jessica's rape after she wore a dress like that. Who WOULDN'T jump her ass and rape her? Then again, maybe that's what this whore really wants.

Snufflord Snuff Slut #10 Snufflord Snuff Slut #10 Snufflord Snuff Slut #10 Snufflord Snuff Slut #10

Disclaimer: Although this site caters to what society calls the sick, twisted or demented person who gets off on the rape, torture and murder of hot women, this site is for entertainment purposes only. The stories on this page are both extremely violent and extremely perverted. They involve rape, torture, decapitation, dismemberment, disemboweling, necrophilia, cannibalism, vampirism and sexual degradation. I try to write stories that appear very real and it's that realism that makes the stories even more erotic to read. People like fantasy stories of death and perversion, but they love the story more when they feel it could be real or at least possible. What good is a horror movie that doesn't scare anyone. These stories will hopefully do that. I'm adding picture galleries of each slut so members can jerk off online while on messenger or whatever so see if you can find them. I'll give you a hint. These picture galleries are linked in each bitch's description of what I'd like to do to them.